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Paternity Fraud – Should Culprits Be Jailed?

Originally posted on DANNY WORLD:
And we are BACK! We’re talking paternity fraud on hot topic today. According to the American Association of Blood Banks, one-third of all men are not actual fathers of their children. Over the years, we’ve taught men to always take on responsibility, however unjust it may appear. LISTEN ON…

How Paternity Is Established In Florida?

Originally posted on The Law Office Of Gustavo E Frances PA:
In Florida, paternity can be established in several different ways when a child is born. If mother married The husband is presumed to be the father If mother unmarried Acknowledgment of Paternity Civil action in court An experienced?Fort Lauderdale family law attorney?assists both men…

Upsides and Downsides of the DNA Revolution

Originally posted on What's Nonfiction?:
Book review: The Lost Family, by Libby Copeland (Amazon / Book Depository) I could not help but think… that spitting into a vial in search of family was like spinning a roulette wheel, with no ability to predict the outcome in advance, and the highest of stakes. One of…

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